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Florida Down Payment Assistance!

First-time homebuyers in Florida who need help buying a home…we have an answer. Fidelity Home Group offers down payment and closing cost assistance to help you buy your first home. 

Florida Down Payment Assistance

Florida Down Payment Assistance, Florida $0 Down Payment, Florida DPA

Florida Down Payment Assistance

This program is ideal for homebuyers who don’t have the funds to cover the cash required at closing or for those who have the cash but need it for expenses such as home improvements, an emergency fund or education. The benefits include flexible funding and over 100% financing. All buyers must complete Fannie Mae Buyers Education Classes for ALL to qualify.

Designed for Home Buyers:

  • Home Buyers with good credit but not enough funds to cover entire cash-to-close.

  • Home Buyers with good credit who have funds for cash-to-close, but would rather keep some of it for emergency fund, improvements, repairs, furniture, etc.


  • Fannie Mae Buyers Education Classes is required for ALL
  • 700 minimum FICO
  • Purchase of primary residence only
  • Up to 100% financing 
  • 3% Max Seller Contributions
  • Loan amounts up to $674,250 for Conforming Program
  • Loans amounts up to FHA Loan Limits based on Florida County
  • The program is available to anyone who can qualify for an FHA or Fannie Mae Conventional Loan.
  • Finance 100% of the purchase price using special financing of:
    • FHA – a 96.5% LTV First Mortgage and 3.5% LTV Second mortgage
    • Conforming – a 97% LTV First Mortgage and 3% LTV Second mortgage
    • Conforming – a 95% LTV First Mortgage and 5% LTV Second mortgage
  • This program can be used in all Florida Counties
  • 1 unit only – Single Family Residence, Condo or Townhouses only