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Mortgage Document Checklist

Your Comprehensive Document Checklist for a Mortgage Loan

Mortgage Document Checklist

Mortgage Document Checklist

To qualify for a mortgage, we will need details about your financial status. These details aid them in assessing your affordability for a home, determining the feasible monthly payments, and identifying the most suitable home loan program tailored to your specific requirements.

Here are some of the documents commonly necessary when applying for a mortgage:

  • Copy of a photo ID [ driver’s license, government ID, etc.]
  • Last 2 years of W-2 forms from your current and / or employer(s)
  • Last 30 days of pay stubs
  • 2 Years of Federal Tax Returns
    • All Schedules
    • K1’s [ if applicable ]
    • 2 Years of 1099’s [ if applicable ]
    • If Self-Employed / Business Owner
      • Business Tax Returns; all pages & schedules
  • Last 2 months of bank statements (both checking and savings) – all pages from statements
  • Last quarter (3 months) of stocks/bonds/mutual funds/401K – all pages from statements

If Applicable:

  • If receiving Social Security
    • Social Security Award Letted
  • If receiving Disability Income
    • Disability Award Letter
  • If receiving pension disbursements / income
    • Proof of Pension
  • If receiving Child Support
    • Proof of Continence for 3 years min
  • If currently renting or have rented in the last two years:
    • Name and phone number of your landlord to verify rental payment history
  • If divorced we will need the Divorce decree or court order defining alimony or child support payments.
  • Information on any deferred student loans
  • If you filed for Bankruptcy in the last 7 years, all pages of the discharge papers.
  • If own a Second/Investment Properties, please provide these items for each property:
    • Copy of Mortgage Statement
    • Home Owners Insurance Information
    • Property Tax Bill
    • Copy of leases for rent
  • If closing in an LLC or Corporation:
    • LLC or Corporation formation documents:
      • Articles of Organization or Certificate of Formation
      • Operating Agreement for LLC

    Additional Documents for Specific Mortgage Programs:

    Some mortgage programs do not require the traditional income documents but instead use other types of documentation.  Click on the specific mortgage program to view additional documents that will be needed:

    Bank Statement Mortgage Programs:

    Documents Required:

    • 12 or 24-Months of Business or Personal Bank Statements – all pages from statements
    • Self-Employed Questionnaire – we will send to you to complete

    Not Required:

    • No tax returns required
    • No W2’s required
    • No pay stubs required

    DSCR Mortgage Programs:

    No income documents are required [ no tax returns, no W2’s, and no pay stubs ]. When we order the appraisal, included will be a rent schedule that will project the rental income to be used  income to qualify for the mortgage.