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Woodstock Georgia Real Estate

For living, working or investing in real estate, Woodstock delivers. Woodstock is only 30 miles north of Atlanta and Cherokee County’s fastest growing city. Not only that, it’s a “walking city”, with work, shopping, and play opportunities within an easy distance of the home.


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Woodstock Georgia


Woodstock, Georgia, is a small town in Cherokee County and even though it’s growing by leaps and bounds, it’s determined to remain local and natural. It boasts a historic Downtown and some fine old homes. It also supports its local Farmer’s Market in season, and honored its veterans with a 10-ton polished granite memorial a few years ago. Woodstock is also home to a diplomatic mission; the Consulate-General of El Salvador. About 25,000 people come home to Woodstock, but it’s still considered a part of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

This is a small town and, as such, it is easy to navigate around and through. Activities downtown and an extensive trail system hold almost equal weight in the local lifestyle. Numerous local parks get residents out of their own homes and yards to “play” nicely with others and to watch others “play,” whether at sporting events or local concerts. The city’s Greenprints Alliance focuses on preserving and enhancing the natural scene in and around Woodstock. You won’t, however, want to give up your car.

Woodstock has a well-educated, upper-income, white collar population. Residents like coming home to Woodstock precisely because it isn’t the city. The commute to Atlanta may take 30 minutes or more, but that doesn’t seem excessive to most locals. The median household income is 28% higher than the national average and the median home price is four percent above the national norm. Woodstock local lakes and streams, its history, its parks and mountain bike trails, and its dedication to small business development and local entrepreneurship beckon. Fine old homes and new construction are both available.

Woodstock’s history began with the railroad in 1879. The county’s first gristmills benefited from abundant water, and gold, mica and kaolin were also found nearby. Cotton also contributed to the area’s growth and Woodstock introduced new farming methods with great success. No one quite knows, though, whether there was once a “Mr. Woodstock” or if the town was named after Sir Walter Scott’s work of fiction. Maybe it doesn’t matter.

Woodstock Georgia Real Estate