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Day 1 Certainty®

We’ve adopted Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty® technology to make our mortgage experience fast and simple for our clients. This means less time, less hassle, and less stress when buying or refinancing a home.

The best way to get a purchase offer accepted, is with a convincing loan approval!
Fidelity Home Group partners with investors that offer a digital underwriting approval that eliminates loan conditions leading to approval certainty on DAY1!
Many lenders are not set up to offer this Fannie Mae backed mortgage approval, but Fidelity Home Group is fully functional on the 3 critical underwriting areas:
Desktop Underwriter Automated Validation Services: Approval of the borrowers employment and past income using automated tax transcript verification and automated employment verification.


Desktop Underwriter Automated Validation Services: Approval of the borrowers assets using automated bank statement verification.


Existing properties will be evaluated using COLLATERAL UNDERWRITER and if certain guidelines are met, no appraisal will be required on the transaction.
Every client is unique, and likely there are a few trailing verifications for all borrowers, but how amazing it will be when a buyer makes an offer that does not require a re-verification of the income, employment, assets, and property value!
MORE IMPORTANT! Most national / internet lenders offering “automated approval systems,” do so “blindly,” without thinking in advance of the likelihood of success. Some self employed borrowers, borrowers with variable employment histories, of limited funds, etc.. will need to seek their loan using traditional underwriting models. These “blind” approvals are frustrating to clients who think they are done with the process, only to be surprised later with new loan conditions or even a loan denial!
Fidelity Home Group understands seasonal employment, heavy industry, the medical professions, construction work, and the many things that make Florida a unique place to obtain a loan. The result is our clients will be vetted early for eligibility for Day 1 Certainty®.
Unfortunately, Day 1 Certainty® is not for everyone, but it is great for those who are eligible! Do you or someone you know want to eliminate most of the loan underwriting for a clean, and automated loan approval with no surprises? Contact us at 888-259-2257.
Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty® is a trademark of Fannie Mae.